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Typical E-Granny characteristics:

  • At least 10 years of life experience, professional experience or a combination of both

  • CPR & First Aid certified

  • Seeking 8-30 hours per week

  • Child centric duties

  • No transporting required

  • No major housework

  • Available for at least 1 year

Is there an age requirement for caregivers?

No. Our ideal E-Granny has extensive and verifiable life experience, professional experience or a combination of both.


What's the difference between an E-Granny and a nanny?

While a nanny is responsible for everything that concerns the child (physical needs, basic care, education, transporting, child-related laundry, etc.) an E-Granny provides child centric care. They focus on the care, safekeeping, nourishment, and development of the child. While they will clean up any messes made during their shift, they are not typically doing any other housework.


Is E-Granny Co. the right agency for me?

Our ideal clients are seeking a mature and elevated care experience. They don't require housekeeping, household management or other subsidiary roles. They are seeking an experienced caregiver to provide focused and reliable care. Our ideal clients value life experience, an intergenerational care model and  the gift of childhood. 


How soon will I receive candidates?

Most long-term placements take between 1-3 weeks. We may be able to expedite your specific placement, but this is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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